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Tutorials: Common

Batch Rename .EXE Task:

Removing HTML Encoding (  & ect.) from Filenames.

So somehow you ended up with files that are named "landscapes & beauty.jpg", they should be named: "landscapes & beauty.jpg". How do you replace the   with a space and the & with a ampersand? Well you could use Batch Renames replace function, or you could save yourself the time, and use the "Resolve HTML Encoding" feature.

This is found in "Text Manipulation>Formatting>Resolve HTML Encoding". Once added your files will now look like they need to.

Fixing Spacing Errors in Filenames

Fixing spacing errors in filenames is very common. The following commands may be useful.

Removing Double Spaces and Double Underscores from files.

Text Manipulation > Removal > Remove All Double Spaces.

The command will replace all "  " and "__" with a single space or underscore. It will also fix three spaces to one.

Examples: "Hello___World = Hello_World", "Hello   World = Hello World."

This command can also be used in the structure builder.

Code: .RemoveDoubleSpacing

Example: <Name.RemoveDoubleSpacing()>; or <Artist..RemoveDoubleSpacing()>

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