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Product Description

Picture Viewer .EXEIt has never been easier to view images and pictures on your computer whether your images come from the internet, digital cameras, photo galleries or scanners.

Create and run slideshow presentations, browse folders and directories, build dynamic playlists, skim thumbnails, organize files, change wallpaper, convert, rotate, resize, zoom and print images. With support for over 20 file types, PictureViewer .EXE is your solution for anything from professional presentations to idle image browsing.

File Formats

Supports a comprehensive spectrum of image formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, ICO, PNG, TIF, TIFF, DCX, DIB, JIF, LJP, PBM, PCX, PGM, PIC, EPIC, PPM, RLE, TGA, WMF, WPG and More.

Photo Playlist / Presentations

Manage and create custom presentations, queue individual images, single folders or complete directories and sub-directories into the dynamic playlist editor. Use the integrated file browser to navigate easily through your image files, viewing directories, folders, custom playlists or thumbnail images.

Photo Editing / Content

Image editing and management features allow you to rotate, resize, print, delete, copy and rename your image files quickly and efficiently. Use the file information editor to easily store and retrieve image descriptions on your computer.

Shell Browsing

Browse Folders and Directories with the file list. Enjoy the flexibility to manage Images from the Windows Explorer context menu.

Full-Screen Presentations

For uncomplicated image viewing, the comprehensive slideshow utility supporting auto-play, custom time intervals, forward, reverse and random play orders. With fullscreen navigation controls displaying fullscreen slideshows is easy as a single mouse-click, making PictureViewer .EXE ideal for presentations.

The Experience

When browsing for images, displaying family photographs or making multimedia presentations, SoftTech InterCorp's PictureViewer .EXE provides access to powerful image management tools that make it an unparalleled resource for your imaging needs.

Picture Viewer .EXE - Version: 1.1.227


Picture Viewer .EXE - Version: 1.1.227
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Product Features
- E-mail Photos to friends and family.
- Print photos with dazzling effects.
- Create and View Playlist.
- Slideshow's (Forward, Random, Reverse)
- Thumbnail Browser
- View Detailed Image Information
- Basic Image Editing Feature
- Windows Shell Integration
- Resize, Zoom, Bevel, and Rotate
Award Winning
Safe and Adware Free

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