Monday, December 22nd, 2012
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Convert! To: Photo - Getting Started

Getting Started With Convert! To PNG

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BY: SoftTech InterCorp

Are you tierd of having all your images in different formats? Are you tierd of manually convert each image one by one? Well Convert TO! Photo takes care of all that with a few simple steps.

About this Tutorial:
Well Convert! To Photo is a pretty straight forward program to use this tutorial will go over each setting in more detail. If you are not using Convert! To Photo you can skip to step 2.

Step 1: Select your output format.

Select either jpg, png, tiff or gif.
In this tutorial we will be using PNG. If you would like a tutorial on the other formats they are here.

Step 2: Select Files.

Click the "Add Folder" or "Add Files" button and then browser to the file(s)/folder you want and then click "OK".
Tip: You can select multiple files in the same folder.

After clicking "OK" you will see your files displayed in the box.
If you selected the wrong files just click the "Clear All" Button and start again.

Step 2: Choosing Your Settings (Optional).

If you would like to change your settings click on the "Edit Settings". If you would like to keep default settings you can skip to step 4.

Step 3: Choose your PNG Quality.

You can change your PNG Compression by moving the slider up or down. Moving the slider up will increase increase your compression and moving the slider down will decrease the compression. Click on the filter box will allow you to choose different filters for your PNG. If you would like to see what the settings look like on other images (if you have more then 1) you can click the ">" to the right of the image. You can also hover over the image and get a tool bar in the upper right hand corner which will allow you to either zoom the image or make the image full screen. Below the image you can see the image dimensions and the new filesize after its been converted. Once you have choosen your settings click the "Accept" button to return to the main window. If you changed your mind and would like to keep the default settings just click "Cancel".

Step 4: Choose where you want your new images.

Click on the arrow and Select where you would like Convert! To to save your images.
The "To\Converted\ Sub-Folder" will make a new folder named "Converted" in the same folder as the original image.
The "With 'Converted_' Added to filename" will create a new file named the same as your orignal with "Converted_" appended.
The "Overwrite The Original Image File" will overwrite the original image with the new image. Caution: There is no way to un-do this action.
The "Let Me Select an Output Folder" will let you choose were you would like to save your images.

Step 5: Review

Now before we convert our images take a glance over everything and make sure it all looks right.
1. Make sure you have the right images. (Step 1)
2. Make sure you have selected the settings you want. (Step 2 & 3)
3. Make sure you have selected how you want your images to be saved. (Step 4)

Step 6: Convert

Now your last and final step is to click the "Convert ALL >>" button and watch Convert! To do its magic.

Note: If you selected converting to PNG on accident and would of liked a different format just click the "<<" button to return to the home screen.

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